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The 1st International Culture Industry Summit (2012 ICIS)


International Culture Industry Summit, i.e. ICIS, is a conference initiated by APCEO and dedicated to international cooperation and industry promotion.

The 1st International Culture Industry Summit will be held in Gansu, China. By showing an open, transforming, harmonious, tough and intelligent Gansu, the summit will play a significant role in promoting Gansu culture attracting investment of culture industries, enhancing Gansu’s influence on the outside world, pushing for the going out of Gansu culture and coming in of foreign enterprises and capital promoting international and domestic cooperation and achieving win-win results.


Theme:  Chinese civilization and the development of global cultural industries
              1.  The latest events and general trend in the development of global cultural industries;
              2.  Breakthroughs and new incentives of global cultural industries;
              3.  New features of international cooperation in cultural industries;
              4.  New trends and opportunities of international investment in global cultural industries;
              5.  Some advice to China and Gansu’s cultural industries by global cultural giants;
              6.  Outlook on cooperation between China and the world in cultural industries.



Speeches by main guests

Theme forum

Cooperation talks

News release

 Industry investigation


Time:  Aug.29 ~ Sept.3, 2012 (Aug.29 ~ Sep.1 Industry investigation; Sep.2~ Sep.3 Conference)


Place: Jiayunguan City,Gansu Province


Hosts and Sponsors:


Support Units: Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China

                       China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

                       People's Government of Gansu Province, China

International Host & Sponsor: Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide

Host of China: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Gansu branch

Organizers:  Jiayuguan Municipal Government, Gansu, China

                      Asia-Pacific Fortune (Beijing) Economic Consulting Center

Co-organizer: Propaganda Department of CPC Gansu Provincial Party Committee

                       Department of Commerce of Gansu Province

Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government, Gansu Province

                       Department of Culture, Gansu Province

                       Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, Gansu Province

                       Press and Publication Bureau of Gansu Province




International guests from:

Fortune 500 companies,

Forbes 2000 companies,

Well-known listed companies,

International cultural industry-related organizations and well-known scholars……


Guests from China:

Leaders of the relevant state ministries and commissions,

Chiefs of top 30 national cultural enterprises,

Representatives of the cultural enterprises of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)

Famous experts and scholars of national cultural industries,

Leaders of departments in the province, city,

CEO of culture enterprise ……


Chinese and overseas media (about 30 people)


The organizing committee of ICIS' leadership

Honorary chairman:


Cai Wu:             Deputy Head of China Propaganda Department/Ministry of Culture of China 

Wan Jifei:          Chairman of the CCPIT



Liu Weiping:      Governor of Gansu Province,China

Vice chairman:

Liu yongfu:         Executive Vice Governor of Gansu,China

Lian Ji:               Propaganda Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee,CPC

Xian hui:             Vice Governor of Gansu

Zheng Xiongwei: Global Executive Chairman of ACPEO



Li Peiwen:            Secretary General of Gansu Province Government

Zhang Jianchang: Propaganda Deputy Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee, CPC

Guan Yunian:       Propaganda Vice Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee, CPC

Zhang Qinhe:        Director-General of Department of Finance, Gansu Province

Yao Yuan:             Executive Vice Director-General of Gansu Public Security Bureau

Liu Jiyin:               Director-General of Gansu Security Department

Xiao Qingping:      Director-General of Department of Commerce, Gansu Province

Shao Ming:           Director-General of Department of Culture, Gansu Province

Liu Weizhong:       Director-General of Health Bureau, Gansu Province

Sun Wei:              Director-General of Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, Gansu Province

Zhang Yusheng:   Director-General of Press and Publication Bureau of Gansu Province

Huang Zhouhui:    Director-General of Tourism Administration, Gansu Province

Chen Weizhong:   Deputy Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office, Gansu Province Government

Ren Fukang:        Vice Director-General of CCPIT, Gansu Branch

Zheng Yajun:        Secretary of Jiayuguan Municipal Committee of the CPC

Liu Peng :            Mayor of Jiayuguan Minicipal Government


ICIS organizing committee

ICIS organizing committee is headed by Lianji, Propaganda Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee, CPC and Member of Provincial Standing Committee. Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Chairman of APCEO and head of APCEO China, acts as Deputy Chairman of the committee.


The committee sets up its office at Gansu Provincial Information Department and is divided into functional departments known as meeting department, secretary department, liaison department, reception department, information department, translation department, security department, medical department, transportation department, and finance department.


The 5th Gansu Cultural Industry Fair will be held during the summit. 

Aug 30~Sept 1 (industry investigation and business talks) 



Means of transportation

Aug 30~Sep 1

Route 1

Lanzhou (Provincial Museum) —Wuwei (Lei Han Tomb, White Pagoda Temple) —Zhangye (Big Buddha Temple, wetland, red land) —Jiayu Pass


Route 2

Dunhuang(The world cultural heritage mogao grottoes, Mingsha Mountain, Yueya Spring, Yadan, Movie ”Goddess of Dunhuang”)—iayu Pass


(You can choose either route. Food and accommodation, transportation and tickets will be arranged collectively and all cost will be paid by yourself. )

Sept 1st (Registration, government meeting, industry investigation and business talks)

(Registration site: Jiayuguan City)






Registration, getting room card and conference handouts, etc

Assigned hotels


the Launch ceremony of Dunhuang Rock Painting

the First floor of Jiayuguan Theatre


Investigation tour of local culture enterprises

Jiayuguan City


Signing ceremony on culture industry projects

Great Wall Hotel third floor multi-function hall



Jiayuguan International Hotel


l   A  feast of creative advertisements

l   The most creative micro-movie show

Jiayuguan Xiongguan Plaza


Government meeting

Multifunctional Hall on the 3rd Floor of Jiayuguan International hotel


Sept 2nd Morning (opening ceremony and keynote speech)






Foundation stone laying ceremony of an ancient town

Construction site


Leaders patrol the 5th Gansu Provincial Cultural Industry Fair

Jiayuguan Theatre fitness center


Opening ceremony (and opening ceremony of the 5th Gansu Cultural Industry Fair)

Moderator: OuYangjian, Deputy Secretary of Gansu Provincial Party Committee

l  Opening remark by Wang Sanyun, Secretary of Gansu Provincial Party Committee

l  Speech by Li Xiaojie, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture

l  Speech by Christian QUESNOT, Global Vice-Chairman of APCEO

l  The launch of the opening ceremony

Jiayuguan Theatre


Cooperation treaty exchange ceremony


Keynote speech:

Moderator: Mr. ZhengXiongwei, APCEO Global Executive chairman

l  Liu Weiping, governor of Gansu Province (Culture and Socio-economic Development of Gansu Province)

l  Liu Yuzhu, director of the industry department of Ministry of Culture (policy and outlook on the development of Chinese culture industry)

l  Sun Jing, Executive Director of Walt Disney (Promoting the Prosperity of Culture Industry, and Structuring the Win-win Outcome in Cooperation and Development

l  Edward Sankowski, Professor and Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oklahoma-Norman (Latest Events, General Trends in Developing Global Cultural Industries

l  Alfredo Ronchi, Secretary General of European Commission MEDICI Framework Cooperation (Outlook on the Global Cultural Industries)

l  Dodov Parviz, deputy secretary general of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO’s cooperation in culture industries)

l  Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, APCEO Global executive Chairman (announce the Jiayuguan Declaration of ICIS)


Sept 2nd Afternoon (Roundtable meeting of International cooperation on culture industry)





First session: News Release

Moderator: Zhang Jianchang, Executive Vice-Minister of Provincial Publicity Department

l  Lian Ji, Member of the standing committee, Minister of the Provincial Publicity department will introduce the protection and heritage of Chinese civilization

l  Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Chairman of  APCEO will release: International culture industry news release; International cultural industry development report

Jiayuguan Theatre


Second Session: Keynote Speech

Moderator: Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Chairman of  APCEO

International guest speakers:

l  Hedwig Apollonia Maria Fijen, Director of International Foundation Manifesta

l  Dwight Nathaniel Hopkins, Professor of University of Chicago

l  Arthur de Villepin, CEO & Founder of PONT DES ARTS

l  Sadegh Vaez,Professor at the university of Tehran

l  Spiers William Arthur, President of Spearhead ssociates Ltd.

l  Hooi Lai Wan, Associate Professor at International Business School of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

l  Wei Lin-Mei, Secretay-General of Chinese Foundation for Digitization Technology

l  Harvey Cary Dzodin, President of Cinergy International Culture Consulting

l  Gwomei Wu, Professor of Chang Gung University Chinese guest speakers:

l  Hu Huilin, professor and doctoral advisor of Shanghai Jiaotong University

l  Gu Jiang, professor and doctoral advisor of Nanjing University

l  Liu Peng, Vice-Secretary of Jiayuguan Municipal Party Committee, Mayor

l  Ji Xiping, Cairman of Readers Group Limited

l  Qi Pingjing, vice-director of China Foreign Language Bureau

l  Wang Yafei, Scretary of the party committee of Anhui Publishing Group

l  Li Xinyu, Cairman of Hunan Tuowei information system company limited


Third session: summary speech made by Lian Ji

Jiayuguan Theatre


Entertainment performance


Sept 3 Morning (theme forum and business talks)





l  Visiting the Culture Industry Fair

l  Cooperation negotiation among Chinese and International participants

Jiayuguan Theatre Fitness Center

10:30 -12:00

Visiting Jiayuguan city wall, museum and the great wall

Jiayuguan City


Sept 3rd Afternoon, Sept 4 Morning (Project negotiation and departure)



The photos gallery


9.1  Welcoming banquet




9.1  Government Meeting (part of the entrepreneurs and political figures)





9.2  The VIPs in the VIP Lounge before the Opening Ceremony of the summit








9.2  Morning: Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speech Session







9.2  Afternoon:  Roundtable Meeting of International Cooperation on Culture Industry







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