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The 2nd International Culture Industry Summit (ICIS 2013)


The world economy was built on products and is now shifting its strength from service to culture industry, which stands out as a continuous drive for other industries while keeps growing by itself and thus is playing a pivotal role in developed economies.

In response to that, the International Culture Industry Summit, i.e. ICIS, an event dedicated to international cooperation and industry promotion has been initiated by APCEO – an established international economic cooperation organization.

The theme of this summit: The inheritance, innovation and Global cooperation of the Chinese civilization. The summit has received great support from the Ministry of Culture of China and the Gansu Provincial Government of China. In January 2013, the State Council of China has permitted the plan of establishing the Chinese Civilization Heritage Innovation Area in Gansu province, which makes Gansu the only culture development strategy platform at the national level so far in China.

This summit will focus on such hot topics in such fields as film, tourism, art collection and investment, creative design, animation and internet culture. It will create a platform for international industrial cooperation and communication through various activities.


Theme:  The Inheritance, Innovation and Global Cooperation of the Chinese Civilization




1) Meeting High-Rank Government Officials  

Major participants from the Chinese government:

• Leaders from the Ministry of Culture of China   

• Liu Weiping, Governor of Gansu Province

• Major leaders of CPC Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Lanzhou Municipal Government  

• Other relevant leaders

2) Opening Ceremony And Keynote Session  

Theme of the summit: The inheritance, innovation and Global cooperation of the Chinese civilization


1. Official from the Ministry of Culture of China; Officials from Gansu Provincial Government of China; 

2. International political figures;

3. Officials of relevant cultural departments from major countries; 

4. Senior executives from Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 

3) Cooperation Forum

4) Visiting the exhibition halls used for the 6th Gansu Culture Expo

5) Enjoy the world tour drama Dunhuang, My Dreamland



Time:  Sep.6-8, 2013


Place: Crown Plaza Lanzhou, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China


Hosts and Sponsors:


Support Units:

Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
People's Government of Gansu Province, China

International Host &Sponsor: Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide

Host of China: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Gansu branch


Lanzhou Municipal Government, Gansu, China
Asia-Pacific Fortune (Beijing) Economic Consulting Center


Propaganda Department of CPC Gansu Provincial Party Committee
Department of Commerce of Gansu Province
Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government, Gansu Province
Department of Culture, Gansu Province
Bureau of Radio,Film and Television, Gansu Province
Press and Publication Bureau of Gansu Province


Main Participants:


International Participants:


- International political figures;

- Leaders of relevant international or governmental departments;

- Senior executives from Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000;

- Industry leaders, authorities and world-renowned scholars of global cultural and industries;

- Leaders of relevant organizations and associations;

- Special guests: chiefs of cultural industry development departments in Central Asia, West Asia and Some European countries along the Silk Road 


Participants from China:

- Leaders of central and national ministries and commissions;

- Leaders of various provinces and regions along the Silk Road;

- Senior executives of Chinese top 30 renowned cultural companies;

- Renowned scholars and experts of Chinese cultural industry;

- Leaders of cultural industry departments at the Gansu provincial and city levels as well as senior executives of cultural companies.   


Chinese and overseas media


Summit leadership


The organizing committee of ICIS


Honorary Chairman:


Cai Wu:             Deputy Head of China Propaganda department/Ministry of Culture of China 

Wan Jifei:          Chairman of the CCPIT




Liu Weiping:      Governor of Gansu Province, China


Vice chairman:


Liu yongfu:         Executive Vice Governor of Gansu,China

Lian Ji:              Propaganda Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee,CPC

Xian hui:            Vice Governor of Gansu

Zheng Xiongwei: Global Executive Chairman of ACPEO



Li Peiwen:            Secretary General of Gansu Province Government

Zhang Jianchang:  Propaganda Deputy Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee,CPC

Guan Yunian:       Propaganda Vice Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee,CPC

Zhang Qinhe:        Director-General of Department of Finance,Gansu Province

Yao Yuan:            Executive Vice Director-General of Gansu Public Security Bureau

Liu Jiyin:              Director-General of Gansu Security Department

Xiao Qingping:      Director-General of Department of Commerce, Gansu Province

Shao Ming:          Director-General of Department of Culture,Gansu Province

Liu Weizhong:      Director-General of Health Bureau, Gansu Province

Sun Wei:             Director-General of Bureau of Radio,Film and Television, Gansu Province

Zhang Yusheng:   Director-General of Press and Publication Bureau of Gansu Province

Huang Zhouhui:    Director-General of Tourism Administration,Gansu Province

Chen Weizhong:   Deputy Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office,Gansu Province Government

Ren Fukang:        Vice Director-General of CCPI T,Gansu Branch



ICIS organizing committee


ICIS organizing committee is headed by Lianji, Propaganda Chief of Gansu Provincial Committee, CPC and member of Provincial Standing Committee. Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Globle executive chairman of APCEO and head of APCEO China, acts as deputy chairman of the committee.


The committee sets up its office at Gansu Provincial Information Department and is divided into functional departments known as meeting department, secretary department, liaison department, reception department, information department, translation department, security department, medical department, transportation department, and finance department.


ICIS 2013 Agenda



September 6





Welcoming attending guests

Airport, railway station

Registration, getting room card and conference handouts, etc.

Crown Plaza


Crown Plaza


Promotion of Key Projects of Cultural Industry in Gansu & Signing Ceremony

Crown Plaza



Crown Plaza


Government meeting

Crown Plaza

September 7




In the Morning



Crown Plaza


Opening Ceremony of the Second International Culture & tourism Industry Summit (and opening ceremony of the Sixth Gansu Cultural Industry Fair);

Moderator: Ouyang Jian, Deputy Secretary of CPC Gansu Province of China

l        Address by Cai Wu, Minister, Ministry of Culture of China (8’)

l        Address by Wang Sanyun, Secretary, Gansu Provincial Committee, CPC (8’)

l        Address by Mr. Dominique de Villepin, Former French Prime Minister, Chairman (Global) of APCEO (8’)

l        Addresses by officials of relevant national cultural departments(8’)

l        Ceremony of exchanging the cooperation agreements for key cultural industry projects (4’)

l        Ceremony of  invitation of consultants for the development of cultural industry in Gansu Province (4’)

l        The launch of the opening ceremony (addressers touching the LED ball)

Gansu International Conventional and Exhibition Center


Visiting the exhibition halls for the Sixth Gansu Cultural Industry Fair

Gansu International Conventional and Exhibition Center




In the Afternoon


Forum Session

Moderator: Zhang Guangzhi, Vice Governor of Gansu, China:

l        Liu Weiping, Governor of Gansu, China (30’)

l        Leader of the Ministry of Culture of China (30’)

l        Leader of Propaganda Department of the Central Committee (30’)

l        An official of relevant national cultural government (20’)

Crown Plaza


Tea break and business communication


l        A top manager of Fortune world top 500 (20’)

l        A renowned expert or celebrity of cultural industry (20’)

l        Top managers form Forbes world top 2000 (20’)


Publicizing major information of international cultural industry

l        The inheritance and protection of the Chinese civilization  and introduction to the project of innovative development pilot areas (40’);

l        Information publicizing by Asia-Pacific CEO association (20’):

Information about international cultural industry

Report on the development of international cultural industry


Welcoming banquet

l        Communication among domestic and foreign cultural officials, entrepreneur leaders and cultural experts;

l        Playing advertising video of excellent cultural products, exhibiting creative cultural boutiques;

Crown Plaza


Watching the large classic drama: Dunhuang, My Dreamland

Gansu Grand Theatre

September 8




In the Morning



Dining room


Cooperation forum

International Cooperation Forum for Film Industry

Crown Plaza

Forum for Cooperation among and Development of Cities along the Silk Road

Crown Plaza

Arts Collection and Investment Cooperation Forum

Crown Plaza

Tourism Industry International Cooperation Forum

Crown Plaza

Notes for the activities:

l        Besides speeches on the topics discussed, the addressers are welcomed to introduce or promote any creative or distinctive cultural industry projects so as to find their niche partners;

l        Each addresser shall limit his speech to 10 minutes; 

l        Multimedia display is allowed;

l        The address qualification shall be confirmed by the Organization Committee in advance.



Crown Plaza

In the Afternoon


Choice 1: Visiting the Gansu Museum

Gansu Museum

Choice 2: Visiting the Creative Cultural Industry Park of Lanzhou

Creative Cultural Industry Park of Lanzhou

Choice 3: Negotiation on cooperation among domestic and international attendees

Crown Plaza

September 9 Departure (all the guests shall check out before 12:00 AM and then be sent to the airport collectively under the organization of the Organization Committee)


Investigation after Summit September 9—10



means of transportation

September 9—10

Route 1

Lanzhou (Provincial Museum)—Wuwei (Lei Han Tomb,White Pagoda Temple)—Zhangye (Big Buddha Temple,wetland,red land)—Dunhuang (The world cultural heritage mogao grottoes,Mingsha Mountain,Yueya Spring)


Route 2

Lanzhou—Tianshui (Fuxi Temple, Maiji Mountain)—Xianyang


(You can choose either route. Food and accommodation, transportation and tickets will be arranged collectively and all cost will be paid by yourself. )

The Photos Gallery


Opening Ceremony And Keynote Session







Part of the speakers at the roundtable meeting of ICIS summit









Exchange the paper and visiting the exhibition




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