International Culture Industry Summit (ICIS)


Hosts and Sponsors:

Support Units:

Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
People's Government of Gansu Province, China

International Host &Sponsor: Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide

Host of China: Propaganda Department of CPC Gansu Provincial Party Committee
                           Department of Culture, Gansu Province
                           Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government, Gansu Province


Jiayuguan Municipal Government (2012), Gansu, China
Lanzhou Municipal Government (2013), Gansu, China
Lanzhou Municipal Government (2014), Gansu, China

Dunhuang Municipal Government (2015), Gansu, China
Asia-Pacific Fortune (Beijing) Economic Consulting Center


Department of Commerce of Gansu Province
Bureau of Radio,Film and Television, Gansu Province
Press and Publication Bureau of Gansu Province


Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO)

Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO), is an important international economic cooperation organization, initiated by outstanding Asia-Pacific political and economic leaders, led by renowned international political celebrities, business elites and economists.
Integrated with international main-stream economic and capital resources, APCEO is composed of investors, financiers and chiefs from Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 2000 companies, listed companies and other large international corporations. Meanwhile, APCEO is consisted of a number of great political and economic figures.
APCEO is dedicated to promoting the development of global industry and establishing long-term cooperation mechanism between governments and CEOs.
As a renowned international economic cooperation organization, APCEO has established partnership with over 120 countries and regions, especially with governments of developed countries and regions, such as European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and France.
APCEO is highly praised for promoting industrial development, scientific and technological cooperation around the world.
Participants has totaled 9000, including International politicians, parliament speakers, members of parliament, ministers, governors, mayors, CEOs, high executives from Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 2000 companies and other important multinational corporations and industry leaders.

Leaders of APCEO:   
Bob Hawk  Former Global Chairman, Former Prime Minister of Australia
Dominique de Villepin  Global Chairman, Former French Prime Minister
John Winston Howard  Global Co-Chairman, Former Prime Minister of Australia
Benjamin A. Gilman  Global Vice Chairman, Chairman of America, Former Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs
Lord Howell of Guildford  Global Vice Chairman, Minister of State at the Foreign Office, UK
Korn Dabbaransi  Global Vice Chairman, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand
Christian Emile Quesnot  Global Vice Chairman, Chairman of Europe, Former Chief of Staff of President of France
Zheng Xiongwei  Global Executive Chairman, Chairman of Asia, International Economist
Nick Bolkus  Global Vice Chairman & Chairman of Australia, Former Minister of Australia
H. Ross Perot Jr.  Honorary Chairman of USA, Chairman of Perot Systems
Eamon Gilmore  Global Vice Chairman, Former Irish Vice Prime Minister
Aaron Michael Oquaye  Global Vice Chairman & Chairman of Africa, Second Deputy Speaker of Ghana Parliament
Susanne Kurz  Global Vice Chairman, Former President of the Federal Council of Austria
Nenad Stazic  Global Vice Chairman, Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament
Allen I-Chun Wu  Global Vice Chairman, Chairman of Asian American Republican National Federation

Gansu & Culture

Gansu is the birthplace of the Chinese civilization and Chinese nation, which was an important passage for the exchanges between Chinese and western civilization in the past and is an important treasure house of Chinese cultural resources. Gansu ranks in the top 5 in terms of four kinds of resources, namely historical heritage, classic culture, nationality and folk culture as well as tourism culture and owns tremendous advantages in cultural resources. It is worthy the name of the major cultural resources base for the Chinese nation.

Gansu Province has gorgeous terrains, colorful landscapes, beautiful and magnificent moutnains and rivers, spendid scenes. It is the only province in China that has various kinds of topographic and geomorphic conditions. On this wide land, there are rich and specific resources. Gansu is renowned as “The Home of Nonferrous Metals” all over the country. It ranks the first in the recoverable deposits of 12 kinds of minerals and dominants the nation in terms of minerals, energy and bio-resources.

The Central Government of China attaches great importance to Gansu's cultural development. In January, 2013, the State Council of China has permitted the plan of establishing the Chinese Civilization Heritage Innovation Area in Gansu province, which makes Gansu the only culture development strategy platform of the national level so far in China.

In 2012, the enthusiasm of the non-government sectors to invest in the cultural industry had increased remarkably and the non-state-operated cultural companies grew rapidly. The value added in the cultury industry of the whole province in the whole year was RMB 7.817 billion, with a growth rate of 26.02%. The output of the cultural industry had accounted for 1.4% in the province’s GDP. Compared to 2011, the number of cultural companies, cultural staff and cultural industry outputs all over the country had increased by 866, 15600 persons and RMB 3.906 billionand a growth rate of 22%, 16% and 15% respectively. All kinds of data had hit a record high. The cultrual industry had developed beyond the regular growth scale.

At present, 14 cities and prefectures of Gansu Province have built their own cultural industry project libraries containing about 1774 projects with a total investment of RMB 60.4506 trillion.

Official website of Gansu: http://www.gansu.gov.cn/col/col3302/index.html


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