100 Project: New Era Culture Industry Park


Project Unit: Jiayuguan Culture, Radio and Television Bureau

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The New Era Culture Industry Park covers an area of over 30,000 square meters with the construction area of ​​about 60,000 square meters, whose total investment is more than 578 million Yuan, and will be constructed in two phases. The first phase aims to build Jiayuguan Book Plaza which is the initial formation of Jiayuguan books business distribution center. It is planned to be completed in three years. And the construction of a cultural street will promote the business scale of Jiayuguan cultural products as well. The second phase of construction is to build Creativity Building of Jiayuguan, which is an integrated cultural center with multi-functions like research and development, creativity, production, display, transmission and trading. It will be a place where the graphic design, animation design, video production, online games, 3D design, and industrial design could accomplish.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 570 million Yuan, of which 227 million is to be attracted.

Project Progress: Under demonstration.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Jiayuguan Culture, Radio and Television Bureau

Contact Person: Xie Bin

Tel.: 13993777786

Fax: 0937-6315713

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