099 Project: Lanzhou Xinghe Ecological Cultural Scenic


Project Unit: Lanzhou Xinghe Plantation

Brief Introduction to the Project:

This project is located in Lanzhou New District. Using the natural topography, it is planed to build Xinghe Art Gallery, complete the map of the Ancient Silk Road, 108 garden-style antique quadrangle and 108 art caverns. The total construction area is 45832 square meters. On completion, the scenic area will be well-known with good reputation and it will develop leisure, sightseeing, airport transportation, business, conference, masters¡¯ painting or calligraphy, art auction and other high stradand tourism market.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 430 million Yuan.The expected annual revenue is 63.653 million and the annual profit is 26.144 million.

Project Progress:

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture, collaboration, single proprietorship,financing

Contact Unit: Lanzhou Xinghe Plantation

Contact Person: Ma Litao, Shi Lei

Tel.: 13993159441,13919398096

Fax: 0931-8407977

E-mail: 15040819@qq.com   814738871@qq.com
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