098 Project: Large-scale Live Performance Themed in Maiji Mountain
Project Unit: Tianshui Culture and Relics Publishing Bureau
Brief Introduction to the Project: 
The large-scale live performance themed in Maiji Mountain is based on the national 5A tourist spot of Maiji Mountain. It takes full advantage of its cultural tourism resource and natural beauty of Maiji Mountain. Drawing on the precedent of the successful integration of domestic culture and tourism, it aims to create a high level tourism culture performance with strong vision impact and fascinating power, using modern technology means. This project is a good chance to combine culture and tourism, where the long history and culture of Tianshui, folk-custom, art and culture of Maijishan Grottoes could be fully unfolded to tourists. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 100 million Yuan with the expected annual income of 1 million.

Project Progress: Proposal and feasibility report drafting.

Cooperative Mode:Joint-venture, collaboration, single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Tianshui Culture and Relics Publishing Bureau

Contact Person: Li Ciaomin, Chen Fang

Tel.: 13893866029

Fax: 0938-8215033

E-mail: tswhysk8215033@126.com
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