097 Project: Xuanyuan Culture Park of Qingshui County


Project Unit: Qingshui County Tourism Bureau

Brief Introduction to the Project:

This project covers the total area of 690 hectares. The main construction includes Xuanyuan Lake, Ancestor Worship Square, Xuanyuan Palace, relics of Xuankou Kiln, Hongya Temple Culture Park and other culture facilities.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 203.6917 million Yuan with the expected annual income of 15.6 million and the total investment can be claimed in 7 years.

Project Progress: Proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture, single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Qingshui County Tourism Bureau

Contact Person: Wang Yi, Hao Qingmei

Tel.: 0938-7151356


E-mail: qsxlyg66@163.com
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