094 Project: Songmingyan Hua Er Folk Song Performance Center


Project Unit: Hezheng Cultural Radio and Television Bureau  

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The project will focus on the construction of protection and research center of China Hua Er folk song and Hua Er folk song performance stage, large performance hall of Hua Er folk song and art plaza of Songmingyan Hua Er folk song.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 150 million Yuan and it is planned to attract 130 million.

Project Progress: Proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture, collaboration and others

Contact Unit: Hezheng Cultural Radio and Television Bureau
Contact Person: Ma Zhanxiang, Zhang Dejun

Tel.: 13993018298,13909309010

Fax: 0930-5521069

E-mail: lujian1996@163.com

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