093 Project: Xihe Culture Industry Park Project


Project Unit: Xihe Culture Bureau  

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Xihe, with a long history and rich cultural atmosphere, is located in an important ancient strategic position. It is the vital area for battle in ancient times and the main battlefield between Zhuge Liang and Cao Cao in three kingdoms period. It is also the place where cultures of Fuxi, Qiqiao, Chaochi and Three Kingdoms integrate. This project will base on theses cultures to develop the industry park on folk-custom products and handicrafts.  

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 480 million Yuan and it is planned to attract 360 million.

Project Progress: Approved

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Xihe Culture Bureau
Contact Person: Wang Weihong, Wang Hongqiao

Tel.: 13993907818,15209397838

Fax: 09396626405

E-mail: xhxh21405@126.com
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