092 Project: Weiheyuan Industry Park of Weiyuan County


Project Unit: Weiyuan Cultural Radio and Television Bureau 

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
Weiheyuan Industry Park is located in the south of the county, near the bank of River Wei and with Laojun Mountain in the back, covering 138 hectares. It is divided into three areas: Weiheyuan culture exhibition, Weiheyuan culture plaza and walking street, and Laojun Mountain Park. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 440 millionYuan.

Project Progress:General planning completed. 

Cooperative Mode: BOT or collaboration, joint-venture, single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Weiyuan Cultural Radio and Television Bureau

Contact Person: Tian Xuezhong

Tel.: 13909326000

Fax: 0932--4133057

E-mail: wywhlyj4133057@126.com

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