089 Project: China Prehistoric Culture Exhibition Park


Project Unit: Gansu Huayuan Culture Industry Group Ltd. 

Brief Introduction to the Project:
Four sections will be included in China Prehistoric Culture Exhibition Park,respectively museums of prehistoric culture, museums of prehistoric cultural scenics, cultural creativity industry and surpporting services. The main scenic is China prehistoric culture plaza, mini park of prehstoric relics, sculpture park, prehistoric workshop,prehistoric legend park, China characters park and live performances. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 2 billion Yuan and it is planned to attract 1 billion. The expected annual revenue is 200 million.

Project Progress:Proposal and feasibility report completed, site selection going on and planned to locate in Shanghai or large cities near Yangtze River delta.

Cooperative Mode: joint-ventured, collaborate and others

Contact Unit: Gan Su Hua Yuan Cultural Industry Group Ltd.
Contact Person: Zhu Xiaoqin, Yang Shufeng

Tel.: 13909462163 ,13893226063

Fax: 09318631856

E-mail: ygcmylf@163.com
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