088 Project: The Film Legend of Fei Tian


Project Unit: Gansu Radio and Television Network Co. Ltd 

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
As a commercial film, this film will invite first-line actors like Jackie Chan and Sha Yi to join the creative team. This movie will touch on the emotional life of modern young people, and the pursuit of love and beauty with new movie topics, and healthy and progressive theme. It will be a film of high artistic value and ornamental. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 44 million Yuan. The expected benefit will include cinemas around the country, purchase by the movie channel of CCTV, national countryside cinemas, online broadcast, publications and authorization to overseas broadcast.

Project Progress: Supported by Gansu Broadcasting and Television Bureau,the script finished with the help of a film company in Beijing. Team-building work in progress.

Cooperative Mode: Collaboration

Contact Unit: Lanzhou Broadcasting and Television Center
Contact Person: Ding Ruwei, Chen Wenhui

Tel.: 13008706800,13893123207

Fax: 0931-2177821

E-mail: westds@126.com   35362191@qq.com
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