087 Project: Development of Hundrud-Mile of Grottoes Corridor


Project Unit: Tianshui Tourism Bureau  

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
Tianshui is the ¡°grottos aisle¡±of the east part of Silk Road. There are six grottoes including Maiji Mountain, Stone Gate,Immortal Cliff, Elephant Mountain,Lashao Temple, Muti Temple and Huagai Temple. In order to show the mysterious relique of Buddha, it is planned to carry out deep protection development for these sites and repair the culture relics. Tianbao, Tianding and Tianchan high way will be the main route to connect the attractions in Maji Mountain and be used for completion of the frustructure construction. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 728 million Yuan. The expected annual revenue is 55 million. The annual tourists will be 1.2 million. 

Project Progress: Proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture,single proprietorship, or collaboration

Contact Unit: Tianshui Tourism Bureau
Contact Person: Wang Yan, Che Yanping

Tel.: 0938¡ª6811862

Fax: 0938¡ª8272659

E-mail: tslyghk@163.com
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