086 Project: Zhang jiachuan Muslim Park


Project Unit: Zhangjiachuan County City Construction and Investment Co. Ltd

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
Zhangjiachuan Muslim Park will be a park where folk-custom, history, leisure activities and tourism get together. The first phase includes four sections, Muslim culture exhibition section, hierurgy section, religion history section and administration section. Phase two will focus on local folk-custom, clothes and intangible cultural heritage. There are three functional sections: tourism and sightseeing, folk custom, and leisure.Food and clothes street, marriage and folk-custom street and intangible cultural heritage street are three main streets which are in the construction list.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 150 million Yuan and it is planned to attract 50 million investments. This project is very important to improve the economic development of the county. 

Project Progress: Feasibility research report of first phase completed and approved.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture

Contact Unit: Zhangjiachuan County City Construction and Investment Co. Ltd
Contact Person: Zhou Zhixue, Tuo Minglu

Tel.: 13150067866,18909386821

Fax: 0938-7881127

E-mail: 315616799@qq.com
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