082 Project: Dahuwan Culture Scenic of Gaotai County


Project Unit: Bureau of Water Affairs of Gaotai

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
According to the unified planning, this project will be carried out in phases with rolling development principles. The main development includes Taizi Temple, Congwen Building, film city, water world, fishing park, health care centre, tourist service center and water screen film.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 406 million Yuan and plansto attract 200 million of investment. The annual benefit will be over 120 million, and the investment will be claimed in four year.  

Project Progress: Feasibility report completed, part of the project under construction. 

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Bureau of Water Affairs of Gaotai
Contact Person: Zhang Zhong, Sheng Tianbiao

Tel.: 13993667888    13993667580


E-mail: dahuwan163.com

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