081 Project: Zhangye Desert Sports Park


Project Unit: Ganzhou Government of Zhang Ye

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
This park is 15 kilometers away from the south of the city, next to Zhangye Oasis Modern Agriculture Test and Demonstration Zone. It is 4.8 kilometers wide and 11.4 kilometers long. The total area is 30 square kilometers. The main construction includes desert museum, international race road, round desert sightseeing route, sculptures, motor road, camel road, and kart road.
.Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 460 million Yuan. The annual benefit will be over 10 million.

Project Progress: 

Cooperative Mode: Collaboration, joint-venture, single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Ganzhou Government of Zhang Ye
Contact Person: Li Zonghu

Tel.: 13830611002


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