080 Project: Daoqing Shadow Puppet Demonstration Park of Huan County


Project Unit: Culture and Publication Bureau of Huang County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Daoqing Shadow puppet is an important part of Chinese shadow puppet and has been listed in human oral and intangible cultural heritage of UN. The demonstration park will be constructed in order to protect it. There will be four special bases of Daoqing shadow puppet performance, collection exhibition, actor training and product manufacture and four exhibition halls including farming custom, fruits protection, development and art performance of Huan County shadow puppet. The park covers an area of 25000 square meters with construction area about 13800 square meters.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 150 million Yuan ,of which 130 million is to be attracted. The annual benefit will be 50 million.

Project Progress: Proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture

Contact Unit: Culture and Publication Bureau of Huang County
Contact Person: Yang Tao, Hu Shengyin

Tel.: 13884136695,13399348029



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