079 Project: Majiayao Culture Industry Park of Lintao Conty
Project Unit: Lintao Majiayao World Pottery Culture Center Co., Ltd.
Brief Introduction to the Project: 
The Majiayao Culture is the late Neolithic culture of the upper reaches of the Yellow River. This name was given as it was first discovered in the ruins of Majiayao which was about 4000 to 5000 yeas ago. The project is located in Lintao Santan Park, which is in economic development zone.It is to the west of Binhe Road, the south of Gansu Lintao Sports Training Base,and the east and north of Linkang Road. The total area is ​​approximately 653 acres, of which the first project covers an area of ​​approximately 211 acres.
Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 1.5 billion Yuan and plans to attract 1.2 billion of investment. An official contract 300 million Yuan has been signed with Gansu Qizheng Group.

Project Progress: Geological reserves report and development scheme filing; conceptual plan of construction of Majiayao Culture Industry Park drafting;

the formal land transfer procedures to be carried out in mid-March.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture

Contact Unit: Lintao Majiayao World Pottery Culture Center Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Dai Zhengzhong, Chen Tiaxiong

Tel.: 18609311056

Fax: 09318558545

E-mail: daizhengzhong@qzh.cn
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