078 Project: Qiqiao Culture Industry Park of Xihe County


Project Unit: Long Nan Tourism Bureau

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
This project aims to build various culture industry bases including flax paper, grass weave, willow weave, embroidery, Chouchi stone handicrafts and other cultural products production base; the construction of the integrated office; the purchase of production equipment and office equipment to carry out Qiqiao folk-custom tourism. (1. Qiqiao folk-custom museum and Qiqiao culture center, 60 million. 2. legend of July 7: live folk performance and exhibition, 5 million. 3. development of Qiqiao tourism products, 3 million. 4. love-themed park and photography base of Wanxia Lake, 50 million)

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 598 millionYuan.

Project Progress: Proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture

Contact Unit: Longnan Tourism Bureau 
Contact Person: Wu Xiaowei, Li Chenghua

Tel.: 0939-8218677


E-mail: wxwcx@163.com
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