073 Project: Yongtai Turtle Town Relics Protection and Tourism Development


Project Unit: Culture Sports and Broadcast and Television Bureau of Jingtai

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
The project relies on Shoulu Mountain National Forest Park and the gobi around Turtle Town of Yongtai. It will construct ancient military training camp, and wild exploration and physical fitness training camp. It mainly includes: repairing break, rebuilding emplacement, recovering tower gate, cleaning moat, building Ming and Qing Dynasty street, and building platform, Jiaochang, Wenkuige, Sanguan Temple, ancestral temple of general Yue Zhongqi and City God Temple.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 150 million Yuan. The annual benefit will be 100 million.

Project Progress: Drafting the overall plan and feasibility report

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Jing Tai Culture Sports and Broadcasting and Television Bureau Contact Person: Zhang Shenglin, Shen Keyuan

Tel.: 13830002899,18909439777


E-mail: jtgdsky@163.com
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