071 Project: Dunhuang Self-driving Culture Tourism Base


Project Unit: Dunhuang Tourism Bureau

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
Self-driving has become a way for people to experience and enjoy life. The Base is located in Dunhuang culture industry park with good location and value for the development of culture, tourism and business. The construction contains self-driving camp (2000 m2), tourism service facilities (2000 m2), motel (23000 m2), shopping centre (2200 m2), dining area (2600 m2) and helicopter parking (2000 m2).  

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 120 million Yuan. The expected annual benefit will be 20 million.

Project Progress: Proposal and site selection completed

Cooperative Mode: Single proprietorship, joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Dunhuang Tourism Bureau 
Contact Person: Ren Jusheng, Li Xinmin

Tel.: 13809375995, 18993712008



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