068 Project: China Dunhuang International Conference Centre


Project Unit: Industry and Information Bureau of Dunhuang

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
With more and more art exhibitions, seminars, and professional international and domestic conference held in Dunhuang every year, the current space cannot meet the needs. Therefore, there is bright prospect of marketing to build a centre of art and culture exhibition, Dunhuang research seminars and international/domestic conferences. The project will build a multifunctional, high standard and modern centre covering 30000 square meters. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 80 million Yuan and the annual profit will be 10 million, tax 4 million. The total investment can be claimed back in 8 years. 

Project Progress: Proposal and site selection completed.

Cooperative Mode: Single proprietorship, joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Industry and Information Bureau of Dunhuang 
Contact Person: Ren Jusheng, Yin Zhanjun

Tel.: 13809375995, 13909372282



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