067 Project: Lingcheng Tibetan Culture Industry Park in Ganan State


Project Unit: Gannan State Lingcheng Tibetan Culture Technology Development Co. Ltd

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
The project is in Hezuo Municipality of Gannan State covering an area of more than 60 acres. It will build eight culture industry zones including Tibetan Thangka, Tibetan carpet, Tibetan incense, Tibetan wood sculpture, Gannan rock sculpture, Gannan printing, Tibetan clothes, Tibetan performance and culture industry zone and two centers including Tibetan culture research centre and Gannan Lingcheng Tibetan culture promotion and sales centre. This project has been listed as the key project in Gansu ¡°twelfth five¡± plan and it will become the biggest Tibetan culture industry base in China. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 153 million Yuan, of which 33 million is to be attracted. The annual income will be 325 million and tax 26 million. The total investment can be claimed back in 5 years. 

Project Progress: Proposal and feasibility report completed, and recorded by the Development and Reform committee of Gannan State

Cooperative Mode: Joint-venture

Contact Unit: Gannan State Lingcheng Tibetan Culture Technology Development Co. Ltd

Contact Person: Ge Sang Chi La, Li Yuqin

Tel.: 13909411032, 13909411030

Fax: 0941-8222833, 0941-8216929

E-mail: gnlcgs@163.com
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