065 Project: Holiday Resort of Hua Er Culture in Lotus Mountain
Project Unit: Kangle County Tourism Bureau  
Brief Introduction to the Project: 
Holiday Resort of Hua Er Culture in Lotus Mountain relys on the national natural protection zone of Lotus Mountain forest and Hua Er which is the nation intangible cultural heritage of Lotus mountain,and takes the advantage of Haidianxia Reservoir and water resources in Qijia island,aiming at developing a intelligent and integrated holiday resort and tourism site containing leisure, holiday, entertainment, reception and conference. 

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 120 million Yuan and of which 120 million is to be attracted. The annual income will be 40 million and annual profit will be 24 million. The total investment will be claimed back in 2~3 years.

Project Progress: Feasibility report making.

Cooperative Mode: Single proprietorship, joint-venture

Contact Unit: Kang Le County Tourism Bureau 

Contact Person: Bao Zhengchuan, Shi Xiurong

Tel.: 15293037775, 13993024587

Fax: 09304426696

E-mail: kanglexianlvyoujv@126.com
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