061 Project: Ancient Tea Horse Road Culture Industry Park in Kang County


Project Unit: Kang County Culture and Sports Bureau of Longnan,Gansu

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Ancient Tea Horse Road in Kang County is the only inscripted Ancient Tea Horse Road found in our country. It was listed in the provincial protection units in 2011. The centre of the industry park is the relics of Ancient Tea Horse Road and it spreads to the surroundings. It passes thirteen towns and is of 300 kilometers long. There are twenty historical relic sites on the way covering 48000 square meters. It has 23 Intangible Cultural Heritage protection sites in eight different kinds at province, city and county level.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 980 million Yuan and the attracted investment is 980 million. The annual tourists will be 0.20 million and annual profit will be 25 million. 

Project Progress: Proposal and feasibility report completed.

Cooperative Mode: joint-ventured or collaboration

Contact Unit: Kang County Culture and Sports Bureau of Longnan,Gansu
Contact Person: Gou Changtu, Liu Zhengyi

Tel.: 13993915058, 15293353540

Fax: 0939-5121366

E-mail: kxwtj5121366@126.com
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