059 Project: Longxi Lee¡¯s Culture Industry Park


Project Unit: Tourism Bureau of Longxi

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Longxi Li Shi Culture Industry Park will cover area of 7500 acres. It includes three mountains (Renshou mountain, Flame mountain, Taping mountain), three rivers (Wei river, Xi river, Nan river), one zone (Lee¡¯s Dragon Palace) and one corridor (hundred mile folk-custom corridor of Lee¡¯s cultural Wei river). The main constructions include worshipping zone, folk-custom tourism zone, commercial port and modern culture exhibition zone and tourism leisure zone of ecology water.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 27.8 billion Yuan and attracted investment is 930 million. The expected tourists will be 0.6 million in 2015. 

Project Progress: Construction details of Lee¡¯s Dragon Palace approved; plan of Longxi Lee¡¯s culture industry park calling for bids.

Cooperative Mode: joint-venture, collaboration, or single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Tourism Bureau of Longxi
Contact Person: Zhang Heping, Wang Xinlong

Tel.: 13993276172, 15593226069


E-mail: ly22266@sochu.com
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