057 Project:Yellow River Stegodon Relics Park in Heshui


Project Unit: Culture Publishing Bureau of Heshui

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Yellow River Stegodon Relics Park in Heshui will have the functions of rescue, recruit, collection, animation show and ecology tourism. The park focuses on Yellow River elephant and bases on the collection of ancient biological samples. The park will use electronic animation to show the tourists the status of water ecology climate 2 million years ago. Main constructions include science museum of ancient culture, Yellow River elephant museum, forest oxygen hall, ancient elephant leisure garden and water leisure park.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 25 million Yuan and planned attract investment of 20 million. The annual income will be 6 million. The investment will be claimed in four years. 

Project Progress: Feasibility report and proposal completed

Cooperative Mode: collaboration

Contact Unit: Culture Publishing Bureau of Heshui 
Contact Person: Li Yingchu, Xu Zhenqi

Tel.: 13830423991, 15213899983

Fax: 09345521417

E-mail: 895420787@qq.com
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