056 Project: Heshui Culture Industry Park


Project Unit: Culture Publishing Bureau of Heshui

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The project covers an area of 6000 acres(about 13000 square meters). It will become an industry park containing development, production, management and sales. It will attract eight kinds of more than fifty corporations to join with the background from performance entertainment, press and publishing, animation and film, AD creation and design, culture exhibition, painting, music and video making, crafts and incense products development.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 50 million Yuan and planned attract investment is 40 million. The annual income will be over 200 million.

Project Progress: Feasibility report and proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: collaboration

Contact Unit: Culture Publishing Bureau of Heshui
Contact Person: Li Yingchu, Xu Zhenqi

Tel.: 13830423991, 15213899983

Fax: 09345521417

E-mail: 895420787@qq.com
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