055 Project: Folk-Custom Culture Creativity Industry Park in Ning County


Project Unit: Culture Broadcasting and Television Bureau of Ning County

Brief Introduction to the Project: 
The development of folk-custom culture in Ning County has firm foundation, skilled human resources, good market and impressive prospect. The project will cover area of 20000 square meters including the production and sales of Sachet, stitch work, shadow puppet, rock sculpture, paper-cut, sculpture, mud mold, pottery, drama cap and other folk-custom creativity products. The products will be made by the national level folk craft masters. 
Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 40 million Yuan. The annual profit will be over 8.28 million. The total investment can be claimed in five years.

Project Progress: Feasibility report and proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Single proprietorship, joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Culture Broadcasting and Television Bureau of Ning County

Contact Person: Chai Wenxiu, Li Bo

Tel.: 13993432882, 13119493053

Fax: 09346622551  

E-mail: nxwhcbj@163.com
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