053 Project: Qihuang Chinese Medicine Culture Industry Park


Project Unit:Health Bureau of Qingceng County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Qingceng County is the home town of Qi Bo and the origin of Qihuang culture. Qihuang has a long history and rich culture with powerful impact and potential for development. Recently, Qingcheng achieved good result in study the Qihuang culture and investigation of Qi Bo. It has been widely recognized in the Chinese medicine culture and was approbated by the leaders of party and country. This park is to further develop Qihuang Chinese medicine culture. It covers 500,000 square meters and is divided into the ecology park of Qihuang Chinese medicine culture tourism and the planting park of Chinese medicine.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 645 million Yuan, of which 150 million is to be attracted. The annual profit will be over 75 million. The total investment can be claimed in 7~8 years.

Project Progress: The proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Others

Contact Unit: Health Bureau of Qingceng County 
Contact Person: Shi Zhijun, Qi Donglin

Tel.: 13993402858, 15193637906

Fax: 09343222332

E-mail: s_j555555@126.com      82768609@qq.com
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