052 Project: Zhou Dynasty Farming Culture Industry Park
Project Unit: Tourism Bureau of Qingcheng 

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Qingcheng is the place where ancestors of Zhou created early farming culture and also the origin of farming culture. It still keeps the farming culture of every history period and it is the live fossil of traditional culture. The Zhou farming culture not only benefits the people in Qingyang but also affects the Yellow River area, the whole country and the world. Qingcheng should use this farming culture and traditional culture to upgrade its modern civilization taste.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 320 million Yuan and planned attract investment of 120 million. The annual profit will be over 120 million and tax 20 million. The return of the total investment can be claimed in 5 years.

Project Progress: he project proposal report completed

Cooperative Mode: others

Contact Unit: Tourism Bureau of Qingcheng.
Contact Person: Liu Bailin, He Wenlong

Tel.: 18993492900, 5293403989

Fax: 09343222784


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