051 Project: Qingyang Folk-Custom Culture Industry Park
Project Unit: Xifeng Culture Broadcasting and Television Bureau

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The construction of Qingyang folk-custom culture industry park contains folk-custom exhibition hall, cow museum, master creation zone, culture and media centre, loess cave exhibition hall, conference centre, folk-custom experience zone, hand craft experience zone, eastern Gansu folk culture experience zone, health zone, leisure zone, theater and culture plaza. After completion, it will draw over 100 corporations from background of folk culture management, folk culture broker and folk culture product to join and become the center of culture corporations in Gansu or even in the whole nation.

Investment and Benefit: The planned investment of this project is 240 million Yuan and it will increase to over 500 million until 2015 with sales income of 400 million, annual tax income over 75 million. The annual trade will be over 1 billion till 2020 and sales income 800 million with annual tax income over 1.5 billion.

Project Progress: Site selection completed, initial planning.

Cooperative Mode: joint venture

Contact Unit: Xifeng Culture Broadcasting and Television Bureau  
Contact Person: Mao Huike, Chen Ningfeng

Tel.: 18909348892, 13909341500

Fax: 0934-8213709


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