048 Project: The Arts of Root-arving and Exhibition


Project Unit:Tourism bureau of Zhuanglang County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

As a kind of old folk crafts, root-carving is liked by many people.Root-carving in Zhuanglang County has more folk artists,rich materials, and is praised by visitors both at home and abroad in recent years.The urgent need of setting up the root-carving production line and the exhibition hall is very helpful for the tourist development of Zhuanglang.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 15 million,of which 5 million is self-raised and 10 million invited.After  the completion,the annual sales income is expected to be 2.6 million and  the investment can be returned in four years.

Project Progress:Feasibility report completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Tourism bureau of Zhuanglang County

Contact Person:Wen Yuhong,Li Yanshan

Tel.: 15693394698

Fax: 0933-6820880

E-mail: 0933-6820880@sina.com

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