047 Project: Huangfumi Acupuncture Health Base of Lingtai County


Project Unit:People¡¯s Government of Lingtai County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The general layout of LingTai Huangfumi Acupuncture Health Base follows ¡°a park ,a belt and three areas¡±.A park refers to Huangfumi International Health and Culture Industry Park; a belt refers to the connecting belt of Huangfumi International Health and Culture Industry Park,the gap of the back hill, Jingshan forest park,and the ancient Lintai; three areas includes the comprehensive industry area, the native home of Huangfumi,and the area where Huangfumi used to reading.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 450 million with an expected annual profit of 40%.The period of the return is about 7 years.

Project Progress:The planning making.

Cooperative Mode: Single proprietorship, joint-venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: People¡¯s Government of Lingtai County

Contact Person:He Linzhong,Cao Yongsheng

Tel.: 13919505666, 0933-3621812

Fax: 0933-3621812

E-mail: gsltwsj@163.com

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