046 Project:The Chain of Theme Parks of Pingliang City Culture


Project Unit:Tourism Bureau of Kongtong District

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The project covers an area of 300 acres, divided into two parts including Pingliang Happy Camp and the ecology and health residential area.Pingliang Happy Camp includes seven areas such as the breathtaking experience area, children's recreation area and the ant kingdom. The ecology and health residential area takes the advantage of the ecological environmentof the west, making the health residential area of high taste.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 1 billion and it will significantly improve the taste of Pingliang City and brings in  considerable economic income.

Project Progress:Propasal and feasibility report completed.

Cooperative Mode: Collaboration

Contact Unit: Tourism Bureau of Kongtong District

Contact Person: Zhang Minggao,Liu Chen

Tel.: 09338217282



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