045 Project:Ask Kongtong Live Show


Project Unit: Pingliang Kongtong Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The Live Show of Ask Kongtong takes the national 5A scenic spot Kongtong Mountain as the background.By shaping characters like Yellow Emperor who prays for people and Guangchengzi who preach around the world,the show depicts the historical process  of Chinese ancestors coming from the wild to civilization and show the world the natural beauty of the first mountain of China Taoist Mountains- Kongtong Mountain.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 51.3 million,of which 31.3 is to be invited.The annual income is expected to be 30 million.

Project Progress:Feasibility report completed.

Cooperative Mode: Single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Pingliang Kongtong Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

Contact Person:Sheng Fujian,Wu Yingrong

Tel.: 15809330978, 15095513828

Fax: 09338718181


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