044 Project:The Performing Palace of Kongtong Ancient Town


Project Unit:Pingliang Kongtong Ancient Town Development Co.,Ltd.

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The Performing Palace of Kongtong Ancient Town is one of the major tourist infrastructure projects of Kongtong District. It covers a total area of ​​26 acres and the total construction area is 13,730 square meters.The Palace will be the multifunctional performing center with theatrical performances, conference reception, film screenings, fitness and entertainment.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 104 million.

Project Progress:Feasibility report and the design draft completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, collaboration

Contact Unit:Management Bureau of Kongtong Mountain

Contact Person:Liu Cang,Zhang Lei

Tel.: 13830353818, 13993333003

Fax: 09338712258

E-mail: guihuasuo@126.com

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