043 Project: The Development of Humanities and Eco-tourism Economic Zone


Project Unit:Tourism Bureau of Qingchuan County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The project covers a​​ total area of about 150 square kilometers,made up of main sub-projects.(One) the development of Mother Queen Palace scenic,including the performing center, sightseeing cableway, the cultural center,the farming garden, the park of Western Mother Queen,the Jade Pool, the palace of Jade Pool and the temple of gods. (Two) the development of Tianjiagou scenic,including the sea of flowers, the sightseeing platform, the lighted road around the lake,the serenity pavilion,the ecological floating island, the camp resort,and other scenic spots. (Three) the development of spa resort, including the ecological health club, the manor of saints, the spa, the ethnic cuisine city,the spa villa,and the theme aquare. (Four)the development of miles of corridor of grottoes,including the Temple of South Grotto,Mother Queen Grotto, Rohan Grotto, Zhangba Grotto and other seven conservation sites and the construction of the museums.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 353 million,of which 105 is to be invited. The implementation of the project will further optimize the product structure of the tourism economic zone, driving the development of the service industry, improving the industrial structure and providing a large number of job opportunities.

Project Progress:Feasibility report,land,and planning completed.

Cooperative Mode: Single proprietorship, joint-venture

Contact Unit: Tourism Bureau of Qingchuan County

Contact Person:Yang Zhifeng,Shi Yun

Tel.: 13909336319, 13919528118

Fax: 09333321348

E-mail: 413048968@qq.com

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