042 Project:Ankou Kiln Ceramics Culture Industry Park


Project Unit:Ankou Government of Huating County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Ankou kiln ceramics has more than 2,000 years history.Until Ming Dynasty,it was well known for the blue and white ceramics and won the name of "Long Kiln".Since Qing Dynasty,it had been a part of Yaozhou Kiln and listed among the famous kilns. Ankou Kiln Ceramics Culture Industry Park covers a total area of ​​30,000 square kilometers and plans to construct an integrated culture industry park with cultural tourism, scientific research and training and the industrial development.The project is divided into three phases.The first restores Yaotou ruins of ancient ceramics town and exhibits the ceramics culture.The second carriys out the construction and the further tourism development of Guanshan Folk Village. The third is to introduce and improve the ceramic process skills and further promote the development of ceramic industry

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 3.5 billion and the main source of funds comes from the investment and the local finance. After the completion,the direct economic benefits can be made through tourism, and the production and sale of art collections, cultural and tourist products and pottery products.

Project Progress:The topographic mapping and the preliminary design completed.

Cooperative Mode: Other forms.

Contact Unit:Ankou Government of Huating County

Contact Person:Zhang Cunmei,Xu Hui

Tel.: 18909335538, 13993385237

Fax: 09337761689


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