041 Project: Pingliang Municipality Yatai Lantern Culture Park of


Project Unit: Pingliang Yatai Advertising Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The lantern making in Pingliang has a long history and a rich culture,with the huge space and the potential value to further enhance the cultural characteristics and competitiveness. Pingliang Yatai Advertising Co., Ltd. is the leading force in the research and development of the lantern making with great competivity in the technology. Its outstanding works have won many awards in and out of the province. The project covers an area of 40 acres, divided into four functional areas C the lantern production area,the lantern exhibition area, the lantern culture tourist entertainment area and the integrated area.After the completion, the project will become the center of lantern R & D and production, exhibition and sale, tourism and leisture, dining and entertainment, education and training.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 32.4 million.The estimated annual output is16.2 million with an annual profit and tax of 648 million,The period of the return is about five years.

Project Progress: The project proposal and feasibility report completed, the land for construction achived, the planning and design going on.

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture

Contact Unit: Pingliang Yatai Advertising Co., Ltd.

Contact Person:Yang Xiaohui,Yan Gang

Tel.: 13993308113, 13993308538

Fax: 09338225784

E-mail: 634981547@qq.com

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