040 Project: Packaging decoration, bookbinding, CTP plate system Renovation projec


Project Unit: Pingliang Hongqi Printing Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Pingliang Hongqi Printing Co., Ltd. is recognized by Press and Publication Bureau of Gansu Province as the comprehensive printing company in the eastern Gansu carrying out printing publications,packaging and decoration printing.The company is mainly subjective to the printing of the primary and secondary school textbooks and the supplementary readings.The project is mainly to renovate and upgrade the production line of packaging and decoration, bookbinding and CTP plate making system.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 29.8 million,of which 10 million is attracted. Completion of the project40 million yuan of sales income, 500 million profit, 4.1 million new tax and 100 jobs can be expected after its completion.

Project Progress: The project is filed by Development and Reform Commission of Pingliang Municipality; and the feasibility report to be complete by Textile Industry Design Institute of Gansu Province.

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, collaboration, equipment invited

Contact Unit: Pingliang Hongqi Printing Co., Ltd.

Contact Persons: Bing Yong,He Qiang

Tel.: 18909339901, 13993302611

Fax: 09338712978

E-mail: plhqys@163.com

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