039 Project:Zhangye Pingshan Lake Eco-tourism and Film and Television Town


Project Unit:Zhejiang Angel Group

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Danxia landscape of Pingshan Lake is located to the 50 kilometers north of Zhangye city.It runs 15 km from north to south and 23 km from east to west,covering an area of over 180 square kilometers.The change of seasons,the rich landforms,and the colored hills make it the essence of Danxia landscape.Centering on the Pinshan Lake Danxia Landscape,the project will develop a large tourism industry of the international rally circuit, sightseeing development, tourist cultural business and accommodation

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 150 million.

Project Progress:

Cooperative Mode:Joint venture, collaboration, single proprietorship

Contact Unit:Tourism Bureau of Ganzhou District

Contact Person:He Yufeng

Tel.: 13809360058



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