037 Project:Shandan Royal Racecourse and Wrangler Ttourism Town


Project Unit:Shandan General Racecourse

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The secong racecourse of is the center of Shandan Racecourse,and a scenic spot surrounded by a set of mountains and canyons, primitive forest, grasslands and pasture, highland lakes, rivers,and ancient ruins. The project plans to renovate the second racecourse into a 20,000 square meters racecourse tourism town with functional areas such as the tourism business area, entertainment area and life experience area.the total area of about.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 282 million, of which infrastructure takes 136.813 million and tourist service and entertainment facilities 145.187 million.The investment is divided into the short, medium and long-term in phases. The estimated average annual income is 14 million with a profit of 8 million.

Project Progress:

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, collaboration, single proprietorship

Contact Unit: Shandan General Racecourse

Contact Person: Yuan Aichang

Tel.: 09362881818



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