035 Project:Qilian Jade Culture Industry Park


Project Unit: Qilian Jade Culture Industry Development of Sunan County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Qilian Jade is one of China¡¯s 5 kinds of jade,deserving bright color and excellent quality,and of higher ornamental and artistic value.The project focuses on the theme of "Jade" to construct Qilian Culture Industry Park in Binhe new zone in Zhangye.The project includes a center(International Jade Culture Forum), a commercial zone (Aqua commercial zone), and five jade themed cultural parks (the red jedp park, the green jade park, the color jade park,the white jade park,the black jade park), and ten bright spots (the image door of jixiangJade,the avenue of Silk Road landscape,the altar of world odd jade, the exotic street, the museum of jade themed literature, the palace of jade banquet,the center of jade R & D, the poetry valley).

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 570 million,of which 200 million is to be invited and 370 million self-raised.After its completion the annual income is expected to be 50 million.

Project Progress:

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, collaboration or other forms.

Contact Unit: Qilian Jade Culture Industry Development of Sunan County

Contact Person:Lang Yongjun,He Xiongjia

Tel.: 13993605060, 18993613957

Fax: 0936-8313798


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