034 Project:China Western Base for the Shooting of film and television


Project Unit: Publicity Department of Zhangye Municipality,  Radio, Film and Television Bureau of Zhangye Municipality

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The natural landscape in Zhangye is colorful with mountains and canyons, forest and grasslands, snow-capped mountains and glaciers, wetlands and rivers,gobi and desert, colorful Danxia landscape,plain and oasis, and scenic spots.The unique natural conditions and advantages make it a natural place for film and television shooting. Famous director Zhang Yimou¡¯s Three Shots of Surprise, Jiang Wen's The Sun Also Rises,Qian Yanqu¡¯s TV series Detective Di Renjie (Part III) and dozens of productions like Wrangler, Mongolia Rooted Flowers ,Princess Wencheng,Wang Zhaojun, and Peaceful Age are all shot here in Zhangye.This project has been listed in the libraries of major cultural industry projects of Zhangye.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is about 500 million with an expected annual income of 20 million after its completion.

Project Progress:The prophase analysis and planning done,site selection and proposal going on.

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Publicity Department of Zhangye Municipality, Radio, Film and Television Bureau of Zhangye Municipality

Contact Person:Zhou Mingxia,Yan Guoqing

Tel.: 18909363908, 13239360806



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