032 Project: Lijian Culture themed Movies and Televisions


Project Unit:Tourism Bureau of Jinchang Municipality

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Lijian culture is of the international influence with a strong uniqueness. The project will make a Lijian culture themed movie The Disappearance of the Roman Legions directed by the ternational director and casted by famous stars.The story takes the fate of Roman legions who once faught in China more than 2000 years ago as the main line, comprehensively reproduce the course of expedition of the Roman legions in China and the and the conflict between the West and China. Lijian ancient city has been initially built.The surrounding grasslands, snow-capped mountains, the Gobi and the ancient Great Wall are good outdoor location for the shooting.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 350 million,of which 300 million is invited and 50 million self-raised. After the completion,it will further popularize the spot ,promote the regional tourism, rapidly improve the image  of the tourism.

Project Progress: Feasibility report and proposal completed.

Cooperative Mode: Collaboration, joint venture

Contact Unit: Tourism Bureau of Jinchang Municipality

Contact Person:Jiang Guowen,Zhao Chengde

Tel.: 18993502888, 13519464886

Fax: 0935-8213594

E-mail: 1751245613@qq.com

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