031 Project: Gansu Yongchang Yushan Gorge and Shengrong Temple Scenic Spot


Project Unit: Tourism Bureau of Yongchang County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

According to the geographical pattern of tourism resources and the development and utilization, Yushan Gorge scenic is divided into six functional areas,namely, the natural landscape and leisure area of Jinchuan Gorge Reservoir,the pilgrimage area of Yushan Gorge Buddhist culture, the sightseeing area of Yushan Gorge cultural relics,Xiaaimen recreational sport area, Shengrong Temple scenic spot and the development of Yanzhi city of nations.The layout follows a structure of  six lines and one spot, divided into six relatively independent and organic bodies with different themes.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 55 million yuan, of which 28.5 million yuan is invited,13 million  and 8.5 million assigned by the provincial and municipal special funds on tourism, 4 million supported by the local finance,and  1 million raised by the folk.

Project Progress:Proposal approved.

Cooperative Mode: Collaboration

Contact Unit: Tourism Bureau of Yongchang County

Contact Person:Zhang Chongyang,Yang Jinhai

Tel.: 13830556939, 18993523360

Fax: 09357529793

E-mail: 635740667@qq.com

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