030 Project: Liqian Culture Industry Park


Project Unit:Tourism Bureau of Yongchang County

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The park includes Lijian ancient city, Lijian Park, Lijian Food City.The main construction is the recovery of Lijian ancient city, the construction of the folk village and other tourist supporting facilities. Liqian ancient city and Lijian Park are to be constructed by the Management Committee of Hangzhou East Tian Mu Mountain Scenic.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 525 million,of which 508 million is invited.

Project Progress:Liqian ancient city has been completed and the construction of Liqian Park and Food City started last year.The whole project is to be completed in 2015 and will be the unique turist spot backgrounded in the integration of the western and Chinese culture and themed in the transformation of the ancient Roman culture in China. 

Cooperative Mode: Collaboration

Contact Unit: Tourism Bureau of Yongchang County

Contact Persons:Zhang Chongyang,Yang Jinhai

Tel.: 13830556939, 18993523360

Fax: 09357529793

E-mail: 635740667@qq.com

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