029 Project:Tianzhu Tibetan White Yak Natural Resources Conservation and comprehensive Development


Project Unit:The Industry and Information Committee of Wuweu Municipality

Brief Introduction to the Project:

Tianzhu white yak is the rare and precious heritage of China.The special natural landscape, culture and folk custom have attracted many tourists and the extensive attention of the media, tourist groups from home and abroad.The project is to construct the industry of the plateau characteristics combined with the tourism of Tibetan Tianzhu,centering on the development of the white yak breeding, processing,tourism,leisure,catering,entertainment.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 1.3 billion,of which 600 million is to be invited.The annual income is to be 200 million.

Project Progress:Proposal writing.

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, collaboration, single proprietorship

Contact Unit: The Industry and Information Committee of Wuweu Municipality

Contact Person:Qi Chengyuan,Zhao Xiang

Tel.: 13993524606, 18909356155

Fax: 0935-2214762

E-mail: ww4152@126.com

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