028 Project: Desert style eco-tourism of Liangzhou District


Project Unit:Wuwei Desert Development Co.Ltd.

Brief Introduction to the Project:

On the basis of the desert park,the wildlife ecological park, the whirlwind desert off-road club,Weilong wine chateau and other tourist attractions,the project plans to construct a western style desert eco-tourist park carrying out browsing the desert oasis, watching exotic flora and fauna,exploring the hinterland of the desert, sightseeing the ecological agriculture,and visiting desert wine chateau.

Investment and Benefit: The total investment is 1 billion.After its completion,the annual income is up to 600 million.

Project Progress:Feasibilty analysis completed.

Cooperative Mode: Joint venture, collaboration

Contact Unit: Wuwei Desert Development Co.Ltd.

Contact Person:Wang Xi,Sun Dewei

Tel.: 18909350188, 13884560812

Fax: 09356167358

E-mail: sdw0812@126.com

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